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Foreign Affairs and Compliance Department

Y&T Lawyers has focused on foreign-related business since its establishment and is one of the few foreign-related (business) law firms in Suzhou. Some of its lawyers have overseas learning experiences in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Singapore, and they are able to provide services in English, German, and Japanese. In addition, the law firm has established collaborative relationships with other law firms in various countries to build a global service network. Its routine business includes inbound investment of overseas companies, outbound investment of domestic companies, international trade, cross-border capital operation, foreign exchange management and customs affairs, foreign-related litigation and arbitration.

Areas of Practice

Establishment, operation and exit of foreign-invested enterprises;
Due diligence investigation, transaction plan design, agreement negotiation and execution and post-merger integration for cross-border mergers and acquisitions;
Legal feasibility analysis, plan design, and completion of approval/filing/application procedures for overseas investment;
Overseas financing, bond issuance, and listing;
Negotiation and execution of international trade agreements, import and export compliance management, and Two Antis and One Guarantee (anti-dumping, anti-subsidiary and trade guarantee measures);
Litigation and arbitration of foreign-related legal disputes, recognition and enforcement of judgments and awards;
Compliance risk screening and assessment;
Establishment and improvement of compliance system;
Compliance module management: anti-monopoly/anti-commercial bribery/data compliance, etc.;
Compliance system design and implementation guidance;
Compliance training;
Compliance investigation and audit.

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