Capital Securities Department

Domestic and overseas share issuance and listing;
M&A, asset restructuring and issuance to targeted shareholders;
Domestic and overseas investment and financing, private equity funds, government guidance funds and asset management businesses;
New third board listing and affiliated businesses;
Advising on corporate governance and capital marketing.

Financial Bond Department

Commercial loans and syndicated loans, entrusted loans, credit or collateral loans;
Bond issuance, asset securitization and public offering REITs, structured financing;
Supply chain financing and other trade financing;
Debt restructuring and disposal of non-performing assets;
Trust, insurance and financing guarantees;
Commercial factoring, financial leasing, microfinance and pawns;
Financial futures, options and other derivatives transactions;
Perennial Legal Counsel for financial institutions and quasi-financial companies;
Mediation, litigation, and arbitration for financial institutions and quasi-financial companies.

Foreign Affairs and Compliance Department

Establishment, operation and exit of foreign-invested enterprises;
Due diligence investigation, transaction plan design, agreement negotiation and execution and post-merger integration for cross-border mergers and acquisitions;
Legal feasibility analysis, plan design, and completion of approval/filing/application procedures for overseas investment;
Overseas financing, bond issuance, and listing;
Negotiation and execution of international trade agreements, import and export compliance management, and Two Antis and One Guarantee (anti-dumping, anti-subsidiary and trade guarantee measures);
Litigation and arbitration of foreign-related legal disputes, recognition and enforcement of judgments and awards;
Compliance risk screening and assessment;
Establishment and improvement of compliance system;
Compliance module management: anti-monopoly/anti-commercial bribery/data compliance, etc.;
Compliance system design and implementation guidance;
Compliance training;
Compliance investigation and audit.

Intellectual Property and High-tech Department

Intellectual property infringement case investigation and representation in dispute resolution;
Representation in trademark application and related administrative procedure such as review, objection and invalidation;
Patent search (providing analysis on patent validity and stability) and comparative analysis on infringement;
Copyright registration of works of art, computer software, etc.;
Cooperative negotiation and drafting of agreements of trademark rights, patent rights, and copyright transfer/licensing;
Establishment/improvement of business secrets protection system;
Due diligence investigation of intellectual property rights;
Intellectual property pledge financing;
Customs filing and administrative investigation and punishment of intellectual property rights;
Review and drafting of franchise documents;
Comprehensive legal services for the development of innovative work and project investment and financing of cultural and creative/media companies;
Anti-monopoly administrative investigation, settlement procedures and civil dispute litigation related to the abuse of intellectual property rights.

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Y&T Lawyers

Y&T Lawyers (hereinafter referred to as “Y&T” or the “Firm”), founded in Suzhou in 1995, is one of the first partnership law firms in Jiangsu. The headquarter of Y&T is located on 7/F, CSSD Tower, No. 15 Moon Bay Road, Suzhou Industrial Park with five local offices in Beijing, Kunshan, Zhang Jiagang, Changshu and Nanjing. The Firm boasts a square formation of over one hundred attorneys and executive staff. Practicing as a leading full-service law firm, Y&T adheres to the practicing principles of “expertise specialization and integrated operation” and has set up fourteen practicing departments over the past twenty seven years.



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