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Bankruptcy, Clearing and Restructuring Department

Y&T Lawyers has accumulated a wealth of experience in clearing during its long-term practice, and is able to resolve various difficult and complex issues involved in clearing process, including employee arrangement, demanding overdue payment from suppliers, disposal of supervisory equipment, and handling unclear financial accounts. At present, it has been entrusted by many foreign and domestic companies to deal with self-liquidation and compulsory liquidation. It has been included in the list of bankruptcy administrators (law firms) in Suzhou and has handled a number of bankruptcy liquidating and restructuring cases as a bankruptcy administrator.

Areas of Practice

Legal services on corporate voluntary liquidation, mandatory liquidation and insolvency liquidation;
Legal services on corporate bankruptcy restructuring;
Legal services on corporate insolvency reconciliation;
Advising on corporate dissolution scheme design;
Legal services related to the disposal and acquisition of assets of bankrupt companies.

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