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Biomedicine and Medical Devices Department

The Biomedicine and Medical Devices Department focuses on the legal services for the entire industrial chain of medicine and healthcare and its full life cycle, as well as its cutting-edge research, including drug R&D, clinical laboratory research, medical devices and medical services, and provides research institutions in these fields, manufacturers, sales companies, medical institutions and investment institutions with legal services related to intellectual property rights, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border drug R&D and transactions, employee incentives and human resources integration, compliance, anti-unfair competition and trade secret protection, listing, and anti-monopoly.
The department consists of many partners, lawyers, and patent agents with compound backgrounds in intellectual property, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy and law. Its members once served in government departments, courts, enterprises and other institutions. The department is committed to providing one-stop legal services covering full range and entire cycle for clients in the field of biomedicine and medical devices.

Areas of Practice

The building of stock ownership structure and stock ownership incentives;
Intellectual property and contract management;
Company governance and compliance operation;
Investment and financing, M&As;
M&As and IPO.

Representative customers