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Tax Planning Department

Tax lawyers of the law firm possess both law practice capability and expertise in taxation. They are committed to understanding clients’ business needs and providing them with reasonable, effective and viable tax advices in a business context. They also provide legality review of tax planning advices of accounting firms, as well as comprehensive legal reports for tax arrangements of client companies or specific projects, and deliver and explain tax laws and regulations for clients, consult on measures of tax authorities, and assist clients in communication with tax bureaus from a legal perspective.

Areas of Practice

Tax law and relevant questions consultancy;
Assisting in application for tax incentives;
Tax planning services in clients’ business activities (merger and acquisition, re-construction, investment, financing, etc.);
Advising on responding to tax audit and representation of clients to communicate with tax bureaus;
Representation in hearing of witness, administrative review and administrative litigation concerning tax;
Representation in tax-related criminal cases.

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